This month, we are going to explore our word of the year through the lens of life’s various dimensions. Whether you choose the wheel of life, the feng shui bagua, the four dimensions of spirit, body, mind and emotion or any other framework that encompasses all aspects of your life, what counts is that it is broad, all encompassing and relatable for you.

The Wheel of Life is more mainstream and may work best with some of your clients. It delineates essential aspects of existence: work, home, family, relationships, health, finance, learning, creativity, spirituality, and wellbeing.

On the other hand, the Feng Shui Bagua has more Transpersonal tones. I use this in my Vision Board workshops for this reason. It’s areas include prosperity / abundance, reputation / fame, partnerships / love, creativity / inner child, health / integration, home / family, wisdom / spirituality, career / life path and helpful people / blessings.

Step One: Introspection

Draw a grid or circle with quadrants and label different aspects of your life. Within each sector, identify how your word is showing up for you.

How does your word resonate within the realms of the different aspects such as work, family, and creativity? Is it a guiding light illuminating our path, or does it beckon us towards unexplored territories? Or does it hold us back and limit our growth?

Step Two: Investigation

Once you have completed your grid or quadrants, ask yourself: where do I need more of my word, and where do I need less? Perhaps you are yearning for a greater presence of your word in one or more areas of your life.

Perhaps, you recognize areas where your word’s influence has become excessive, necessitating balance and moderation.

Pay attention to each sector and consider how you are experiencing your word in your life right now.

Step Three: Intention

Now we move onto crafting intentions.  These can become a transformative act, a conscious declaration of your aspirations and commitments. By gaining clarity around the changes you seek, you give your journey purpose and direction. Whichever areas of your life you choose to focus on, let your intentions become seeds of transformation in the fertile soil of your consciousness.

Step Four: Integration

In our pursuit of self-expression and integration, I invite you to create an art work. A visual representation of your intentions. Weave together threads of symbolism and imagination.

Using a circle, symbolic of wholeness and cyclical renewal, create a canvas for your aspirations to take form. Place your word at the centre.

You may choose to delineate the segments within the circle, each representing a dimension of your being or you may simply create a whole work. Through colors, shapes, and symbols, infuse your artwork with the essence of your chosen word, embodying its energy and resonance.

I encourage you to use whatever medium calls you, whether paint, pastels, collage or other media. Draw together your desires and intentions as extensions of your chosen word within the framework that encompasses all aspects of your life.

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