What is a Vision Board?

Put simply, a Vision Board is a collection of images and words that visually represent the hopes and dreams of your future. It is a collage that may be created digitally using Canva, PowerPoint or Word document. Or the traditional way by sticking pictures and words on poster board.

Several celebrities like Oprah Winfrey, Ellen DeGeneres and Katy Perry swear by the power of Vision Boards. They tell stories of manifesting their heart’s desires through this process.

On top of that studies have found that the brain changes its way of thinking when we visualise our goals. This has been shown through athletes visualising winning a race, stroke victims imagining moving a limb and gymnasts executing difficult moves.

When you connect visually with what you want in life, who you want to become and how you want to feel, your unconscious pays attention and this is a powerful way to clarify what you want in life.

 Vision Boards – The Transpersonal Way

As Transpersonal Therapists we work with the unconscious, through meditation and altered states of consciousness. This is a gentle and empowering way to connect with your Wise Self and your inner wisdom to identify your true heart’s desire, free from the pressure of “shoulds” and “other’s expectations”. We utilise imaginative processes that help you learn from your past successes to build and create your desired future.

When should you create a Vision Board?

There are many different reasons to create a Vision Board but here are our top five.

  1. To plan for a New Year (January / February)

This is the most popular time of year to create a Vision Board. In January, as we turn the page to a fresh year, many people think about creating resolutions or intentions. It is as though the blank page of 365 days is asking for new ideas and the simple action of stepping into a fresh New Year, invites people to consider change. Whether you choose a whole of life approach by creating goals for all aspects of life: health, relationships, home, career, learning and spiritual life or maybe just one area, a New Year is a key time to create a Vision Board.

  1. To conduct a Mid Year Review (June / July)

Halfway through the year is the perfect time for reflection and review. It is an opportunity to consider your progress on the New Year Vision, take account of challenges, opportunities or changes that you may need to consider.

  1. In preparation for starting a New Venture or Business

At the beginning of a new venture, whether starting a business or stepping into private practice. This Vision Board is less about the tasks you need to do to get started and more about how you envisage it will unfold. How you imagine a successful outcome. The New Venture Vision Board can have different parts such as clients, environment, resources, referrals, marketing and products and services or simply focus on the type of experience you intend to offer.

When Kellie and I started the Transpersonal Soul Space, I was called to create a Vision Board. It helped me get clear about the emotions that I wanted to feel, the connections and community I wanted to facilitate and the experience I wanted for our clients; Transpersonal Therapy Students and Graduates.

  1. When contemplating a change in your life – career, home, health, relationships, travel

A change in life is another wonderful opportunity to create a Vision Board. When my husband and I decided to look for a holiday house, we both had very different expectations, so it was helpful to jointly imagine our ideal home and location. We searched for images that combined both of our visions for the location and design.

  1. To connect with a specific theme, emotion or feeling. Eg A vision Board which reflects your Word of the Year.

A Word of the Year has recently become more popular and desired. For many has replaced the concept of New Year’s Resolutions. Rather than set goals that will be lost and forgotten after one month of trying, a word of the year is a way to connect with your essence and intention. What one word will guide you through your year?

I have been choosing an annual word every year since 2011. My first word was Play because I felt that I was way too serious and I needed to lighten up. I used the word to shine a light on my home, friends, family, hobbies and even work (in a positive way). Other words that have guided my years have been Embrace, Emerge, Shine, Light, Create, Flourish and Thrive. This year my word is Joy. I am using this word to guide my choices around work, health, home and relationships, asking frequently, will this bring me Joy? So you can also create a Vision Board around a theme or a word and see where your unconscious leads you.

Vision Boards are a wonderful offering for beginner Art Therapists as it is a tangible product that you can offer people in your community. Whether online or in person, this is a program that you can offer individual clients as well as groups.

Transpersonal Soul Space Vision Board Workshops

Join me at the Transpersonal Soul Space Envision 2024 Program where I will step you though a beautiful process to design your own Vision Board plus together we will unpack the process so that you have the marketing ideas, meditations and essential tools to run your own program.

Sunday 18 February 2024 9.30am to 3.30pm 

Normally priced at $200, we’re offering an Early Bird discount for the month of January.

Book by 1 February 2024 and pay only $149. Price includes the online workshop plus a workbook for running your own workshops.

Don’t miss this opportunity to connect with Transpersonal Community AND Envision your 2023.

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