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Ventral Vagal Anchors

Dr Stephen Porges developed Polyvagal Theory and Deb Dana has developed ways of making this information easily accessible to us all. This handout simply explains and visually presents the autonomic ladder. Added to that there is an explanation of Ventral Vagal Anchors, ways that we can connect with experiences in our life when we feel safe and settled, in Ventral Vagal state.

Download and print this out as a handy guide for your clients.

NDIS Peer Information Sheet 2: Groups

Kellie has created another NDIS Information Sheet for you. This time, it is for counsellors and art therapists to offer groups, not as therapy but as “Assistance with Social, Economic and Community Participation”.

This sheet is chock full of information, including codes to claim and ideas for programs and ways to get started.

Thank you Kellie Miles, Sharon Veness and Renee Drew. 

Your Year in Review Workbook for Therapists

So the year is winding down and this is the perfect time to stop and reflect on your successes and your challenges.

Jenny has designed this beautiful workbook to help you process the year that is ending, ahead of planning for 2024. It is a wonderful supplement to this End of Year Ritual.


Finding Your Glimmers

Glimmers are the opposite of Triggers and have been identified by Deb Dana, social worker and colleague of Dr Stephen Porges, the neuroscientist who developed the Polyvagal Theory.

Glimmers are small moments of joy that can help to regulate your nervous system. Read about them on the blog and download the flyer here.

Heading for Glimmer resource
Pictures of people with disability doing art

Art Therapy and NDIS Information

Kellie Miles and three of her Transpersonal Therapy supervisees have created this information sheet about offering Art Therapy services to clients under the NDIS. It covers what you need to be eligible, how to set up your intake form and invoices as well as the codes to claim.
As the NDIS is a complex process to negotiate, I’m sure you will be pleased to have this simply explained starter sheet. Thank you Kellie, Sharon Veness, Naomi Buckingham and Kylie North.

We are very grateful they have generously offered to share this information with our community.

30 day Soulful Lens in Nature Project 

In a world bustling with constant activity and digital noise, “Soulful Lens” invites you to slow down and immerse yourself in the soft embrace of nature. This 30-day photography journey is an invitation to pay attention, using photography to capture the beauty of nature.

Click on the image to download your calendar and instructions. Join with us in October to celebrate Mental Health Awareness Month.

Slow down, pay attention and take an image.

Banner for the Soul Lens project
Decorative banner depicting mental health with two heads with flowers

Ideas and Resources for Mental Health Awareness month

October is Mental Health Awareness month in Australia. It is a great opportunity to promote your service by linking to a national awareness month.

Jenny has created a handy A4 document to get your ideas flowing. It has some ideas of what you could offer as well as links to organisations that have resources you can use such as social media posts, handouts, posters and flyers as well as blog posts you could share.

Surf the Urge

Surfing the Urge is a technique developed by Dr Alan Marlatt for managing addiction. It works well for compulsive behaviours such scrolling social media and binge eating. You can use it to manage urges to procrastinate.

Download the flyer to share with your clients.

8 Steps to consider BEFORE you start to Build your Website

Building a website is both exciting and daunting. There is so much to consider. So you’ve chosen your Domain Name and Platform. Then start building a Website.

I have learned the hard way that it is so much easier when you do some serious planning before hand. Here is a checklist of steps to take before you start to build your website.

10 Steps for Business Set-Up

So you’ve graduated and the road ahead is exciting and confusing. If you are starting a business for the first time, there are lots of steps to consider.

Jenny has put together this helpful checklist to give you a plan to establish your Transpersonal Therapy practice.

You can click on the image and download the flyer. We’ve included links to websites to make it easy for you.

Therapy Room Cleansing Spritzer

Space clearing is a time honoured process for creating a welcoming and healing space into which you can invite your clients for therapy.

Kellie has created gentle and safe cleansing spritzer recipe that you can use to prepare your therapy space whether inviting clients in person or online.

Click on the image and download the flyer to save.


Gratitude is thankful appreciation for the goodness that a person receives and/or experiences and being grateful helps people connect with something greater than themselves, a higher power.
Researchers in the field of positive psychology have undertaken numerous studies that demonstrate increased sense of wellbeing in people who regularly practice gratitude.

Jenny has written a blog about Gratitude and created a flyer for you to share with your clients. Click on the image to download the PDF.

a gift and symbol of gratitude

5-4-3-2-1 Grounding Exercise

This is an simple yet effective technique to share with your clients when their nervous system becomes dysregulated. Perhaps they are feeling stress in anticipation of a challenging situation or perhaps they are feeling a strong reaction to recent event.

Tuning into our five senses brings us back into the present moment. Jenny has designed a flyer which you can print off and give to your clients. It has an additional page explaining when and how you may introduce this exercise.

Click here or on the image to download your PDF.

Poetry for Reflections on a New Year

Kellie has recorded Mary Oliver’s poem, The Summer Day where the poet shares her sense of wonder at the natural world as she strolls through the fields. The poet asks questions such as ‘who made the world?’ and ‘what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life.’ The beauty of this poem, combined with the accompanying images in this video, can inspire us to reflect on our own life – especially as we begin a new year.

We invite you to enjoy this beautiful poem. (click on the image)
Listening to Kellie read the poem can be a meditation in itself and if you wish, you can take a few moments to journal some answers to the reflective questions we’ve provided at the end of the video

Your End of Year Retrospection

So the year is winding down. Are you so ready to turn to a fresh page and start again? Or maybe you are wanting time to slow so you can finish off all those loose ends.

Wherever you are, this time of year is the perfect time to reflect on your year, the challenges and obstacles as well as the achievements and gains, before you start the New Year.

Jenny has designed a creative process to help you process the year that is ending, in readiness for designing your Vision for 2023.


Linking is a simple, yet powerful tool we use in our counselling and art therapy practice, in groups and with individuals, to help clients make important and meaningful connections across sessions.

Kellie has made a short video to tell you all about linking, why and how you can use it with your clients. 

Imposter Syndrome

Imposter Syndrome affects approximately 70% of the poulation. New and emerging therapists can be affected by IS as they embark on their journey, establishing a business or starting a new career.

In this video, Kellie explains Imposter Syndrome, how it can manifest and ways you can live with it.

Watch this space for more ideas and tools to use in your practice….

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