As Transpersonal Therapists, our work is intertwined with the exploration of the human psyche, moving beyond the individual self into the interconnectedness of all existence.

In February, I found my word Space reflected in songs and poems. I really loved these lines from the song Holding Space by Mayyadd

Spaces for the silence

 And the things I need to say

Places for the victory

And the pockets of pain

For the revelations

And where questions remain

I’m learning to breathe and hold the space

Building on our exploration in January and February, this month we are going to use photography to deepen our connection with our chosen word. By drawing on the power of imagery, art, and introspection we will continue unravel the essence of our word for 2024.

Step One: Taking Photographs

Start by taking your phone or camera on to explore your world and your life. When you see something that reflects an aspect of your word, take a photo. Aim to collect 8-10 photographs. These snapshots serve as portals, inviting us to consider the metaphorical or actual experience of our word. Whether it’s the silhouette of a solitary tree, symbolizing resilience and rootedness amidst life’s storms. Or maybe it’s the interplay of light and shadow, reflecting the duality inherent in our chosen word.

Step Two: Create an Art Work

Print out your photos or upload them to a program like Canva, explore ways of creating a collage or representation of your word. You may prefer to use your art materials to explore and connect the images. Allow the photographs to call to your inner wise self and give form to your thoughts and emotions. Let the art become a mirror, reflecting the essence of your chosen word in its myriad forms.

Step Three: Journalling

But the journey doesn’t end with the completion of our artwork; it merely marks the beginning of a deeper exploration. Take time to journal writing about any revelations that emerged from your creative exploration.

  • What new insights emerged?
  • What emotions bubbled up?
  • What can you see, feel and sense from this art process?
  • What have you learned about your word, now?

Let this quiet introspection, guide you and unfurl like delicate petals in bloom. Allow your word to offer a guiding light for your perceptions and actions. Through the lens of our word, we may gain clarity.


Step Four: Taking Action

Now as you consider the work, you have done over the first three months of the year, what is one action that you can take to further embody and explore your chosen word.

It doesn’t have to be a huge step or a grand gesture. The smallest action taken today and now will move you further towards your goal.

Whatever you choose to do, enjoy and celebrate as you reconnect with the your intention and desire to bring this word into your life for 2024.

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  1. Judy

    Thank you Jenny. This is really great stuff.


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