As the year draws to a close, it’s the perfect time for us to embark on a soul-nourishing journey of reflection, celebration, and envisioning the possibilities that lie ahead. Nature, with its profound ability to inspire and heal, becomes the sacred space for this end-of-year ritual. So, let’s delve into a transformative experience that honours your year, celebrates your achievements, acknowledges your challenges, and embraces the wisdom gained in 2023.

You will need

  • Your journal and a pen
  • Art materials and paper
  • A nourishing snack and drink
  • An hour of your time
  • Quiet, privacy and no interruptions.
  • A place in nature

Reflecting on the Journey

Begin by finding a quiet and private spot in nature where you can connect with yourself and your inner wise self. Perhaps a place near trees and plants such as your garden, a local park or a bush clearing, or perhaps by water, such as beside a lake or at the beach.

Settle into the space, however you feel most comfortable. Feel your connection to the earth beneath you and the sky above. Take a few deep breaths and allow yourself to be fully present in this moment. Connected with all your senses – sight, smell, hearing, taste and touch.

Journal Prompt

Close your eyes and envisage yourself like a bird, flying over the path / road /journey that represents your year. Look down on the beginning of 2023, how would you symbolise that time, what were your hopes and dreams for yourself and your career? Now as you soar through the months, see the highlights, the opportunities, the successes and the challenges.

Take out your journal and reflect on the year that has passed. Here are some prompts to activate your pen.

  • What were the key achievements in your professional life?
  • Find 5 moments of joy from your year.
  • What were your favourite learnings this year?
  • What challenges did you encounter, and how did you overcome them?
  • What new insights did you gain about yourself and your professional life?

Note down your thoughts, feelings, and any revelations that surface during this reflection. Take as long as you need to write and reflect.

If you would like more Journal prompts and ideas, download my End of Year Retrospection Workbook here.

Artistic Expression

Now take out your art materials and make an artwork about your reflections. Whether it’s collage,  painting, or clay work, allow your creative expression to flow freely. Allow your piece to reflect your inner world. Use colors, shapes, and symbols that resonate with your experiences and emotions. This process is a visual representation of your journey in 2023, the highs, the lows and the learnings.

Guided Visualisation

Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Visualise a metaphorical container in front of you. Imagine placing all the challenges, disappointments, and struggles of the past year into this container. Gentle place a lid on the container.

Now imagine a golden light infusing the container, dissolving your hurts and pains, releasing any lingering heaviness or negativity.

In this space now, imagine a new container, radiating with vibrant energy. Fill it with all your successes, achievements, breakthroughs, and joys you experienced in 2023. Let this container glow with the positive energy of your accomplishments. This is the energy that you are carrying into the new year.

Celebrating Achievements

With your reflections and artistic expression as a guide, take time to celebrate your achievements. Acknowledge the growth you’ve experienced as a Transpersonal Therapist, the lives you’ve touched, and the positive changes you’ve facilitated. Allow a sense of gratitude to permeate your being as you bask in the light of your accomplishments.

Setting Intentions for 2024

As the sun begins to set on this ritual, turn your focus towards the future. Consider the lessons learned and how they can shape your path in 2024. Set intentions for the upcoming year, both personally and professionally. What qualities do you want to cultivate? What new skills or knowledge do you aspire to acquire? Write down these intentions, infusing them with the energy of the natural surroundings.

Closing the Ritual

Conclude your ritual by expressing gratitude to nature, your constant companion in this process. Offer thanks for the lessons, blessings, and growth experienced throughout the year. Feel a deep sense of connection with the earth, knowing that you are part of a larger, ever-evolving tapestry of existence.

As you leave the ritual space, carry the essence of this experience with you into the new year. May the insights gained, the achievements celebrated, and the intentions set guide you on your continued journey as a Transpersonal Therapist. Embrace the transformative power of reflection, nature, and the wisdom within – stepping into 2024 with a heart open to growth and possibility.

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