First a message from Kellie. 

I am writing with the bittersweet news that as of today, I am withdrawing from the management of TTSS; handing the reins fully to Jenny.

My decision is based on needing to take back some time to deepen my own inner transpersonal soul space.

Why? I feel so fortunate in supporting transpersonal students and graduates as a teacher, supervisor and mentor, in addition to running my private practice. More recently, I also began facilitating CCM in-house placement clinic – a new opportunity for students to gain much needed confidence and skills.

Unfortunately with the additional co-running of TTSS I simply don’t have adequate time left to refill my own transpersonal cup!

Our shared vision was to create a space for Transpersonal Therapists to build community and access ongoing training. In our first 12 months together we have established a solid foundation and with your support, TTSS is well on the way to realising this important goal.

It is hard to let go, yet I am heartened that TTSS will continue in Jenny’s very capable hands. I’ll stay part of the TSS community and look forward to interacting with you there. Plus Jenny and I hope to collaborate together on future TTSS projects.

My sincere wish is that you all thrive and flourish in your life and work. Let’s continue to support Jenny in the ongoing development of TTSS and each other in our overall therapy community.

I am dedicated to supporting you and remain available should you wish to work with me in any of the above capacities.

Warmest wishes,  Kellie

And a message from Jenny

I know that Kellie’s news will come as a surprise to you all, as it did to me. I have taken a little time to adjust to and process her decision.

My first reaction was that I couldn’t do TTSS without her. I have loved the way we balance our different skills and approaches to collaborate and respond to you and your work.

I am incredibly proud of what we have achieved together over the last year. The Pathways to Practice Conference is the standout highlight I am thrilled that many of you had the opportunity to learn from our graduates’ experience taking Transpersonal Therapy out into the world.

So, I have decided that I want to keep our dream alive and continue to build this community and provide opportunities for you to learn from and support each other.

But, I have taken the decision to pause some of our plans, while I work out how to manage the TTSS on my own.

For this reason, I am deferring the 2023 Pathways to Practice Conference until 2024. The good news is, this will give a number of our newer graduates time to get runs on the board so that they can be ready to share with the upcoming new graduate community.

Unfortunately, we had to cancel the remainder of Anne Cantor’s planned Tool Box Top-Ups as we didn’t have enough subscribers for the coming sessions. However, Anne is keen to offer these workshops, so I am looking at changing the structure so more of you have the opportunity to learn from her.

I am planning to take some time to speak with graduates and students to gather your suggestions into a robust plan for the next twelve months.

 I am sure that you will join with me in wishing Kellie all the best on her many ventures, knowing that she will still be here as part of our community, contributing to our growing pool of graduate skills and resources.

If any of you have any suggestions or ideas about the future of The Transpersonal Soul Space, I would love to hear from you.

Warmest wishes, Jenny

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