In the third week of March, we celebrate Creative Arts Therapy Week. It is an international event raising awareness about the benefits of all creative therapies and especially art therapy. It is also an opportunity to celebrate our profession and the work of art therapists.

In Australia, this event has not been given the same publicity as overseas. However, it is an opportunity to promote and share stories online and in person.

What are some ways to promote Creative Art Therapy in our local communities and online?

  1. Host a local Creative Arts Therapy event. This could be an Open Studio, if you offer Art Therapy in a clinical or workshop venue. Having an Open Day or event to promote activities is an opportunity for people to see and experience the range of Art Therapy modalities on offer.


  1. Provide an Art Therapy Taster (for free or low cost) to community organisations and non-government organisations in your local community. This may be attractive to aged care facilities, services for people with a disability, community centres, groups for people of culturally diverse backgrounds, wellness centres, yoga studios and traditional therapy services.


  1. Promote Creative Arts Therapy in Social Media. Use hashtags that promote Creative Arts Therapy week. Display projects that you have created to highlight the settings, the organisations and the benefits of Art Therapy.


  1. Collaborate by co-hosting an event, conducting a shared promotion in the local media / shopping centre, developing a flyer that promotes a range of creative arts therapy services.


  1. Collaborate with music therapists, drama therapists, play therapists to highlight the differences and similarities of the services and their role in assisting people in your community.


  1. Tell success stories (with permission of the people involved). How through art therapy a person managed anxiety, traversed grief and loss, navigated caring for a person with a disability. Ensure the clients remain unidentifiable and the stories relatable.


  1. Set up a community art project that engages passers-by. Whether in a shopping centre, a community centre, in an aged care facility or social housing. Bring awareness and visibility to the experience of creative arts therapy.

Whatever you do, ensure that you have ways of promoting your business through business cards, brochures, program flyers and information about your online presence such as website, social media and products.

Its never too late to raise awareness and promote our profession. And book mark this time of the year, third week in March for the 2024 Creative Arts Therapy Week.



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  1. Ilda

    I liked the idea to practice art therapy publicly


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