The Transpersonal Soul Space

So you’ve completed your training.  You’re a qualified Transpersonal Therapist…what now?

It can feel a bit daunting stepping into the world as a brand new practitioner.

Your intention is to help others but where to start?

We’re passionate about helping you take your next true step, to support your practice to grow and for you to genuinely flourish. 

Whether you are a current or newly emerging  therapist, we offer you effective tools and ongoing support to help you spread your wings…

What we offer

Professional Development

Workshops and short courses that will build your skills and expand your tool kit to help you work with clients and groups to deliver your best service. Art therapy for griefwork, nature-based art therapy and groupwork courses are all coming in 2023. Find out more


Individual Mentoring

Personalised coaching and mentoring to develop your resources, skills and insights. Whether designing a group program or building your practice, individual supervision builds ideas and competence.

Contact Jenny directly to book your individual supervision.

Group Coaching

Join our innovative group coaching where we combine learning of key skills with the opportunity to work through your own experience. Cost-effective and collaborative, this is an opportunity to learn with and from your peers. Coming soon

Pathways to Practice

Learn from Transpersonal Therapy Practitioners working in the field. Hear their approaches to developing programs for their client groups, how they created a niche or unique market in communities, organisations and private practice. 

Recording of 2022 Conference is still available to purchase.


Thank you so much for all your guidance and support. You have made such a difference to my work. SJ

Thank you supervising my group work. I learned so much from your passion, ideas and knowledge. Makiko

Our Latest News

The Epidemic of Loneliness and introducing Social Prescribing

The Epidemic of Loneliness and introducing Social Prescribing

Loneliness isn’t merely a fleeting emotion; it’s a pervasive threat to both personal well-being and societal health. The US Surgeon General’s report, “Our Epidemic of Loneliness and Isolation,” equates its mortality impact to smoking 15 cigarettes daily, surpassing obesity and inactivity. With half of Americans admitting to feeling lonely, urgent action is imperative. The report underscores the necessity for societal shifts, advocating for strategies like Social Prescribing to bridge the gap between clinical and community support.

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Unpacking Your Word of the Year in the Wheel of Life

Unpacking Your Word of the Year in the Wheel of Life

This month we examine our chosen word of the year through various life dimensions. From the widely recognized Wheel of Life to the transcendent Feng Shui Bagua, choose a frameworks that resonates with your essence. Start with introspection, mapping your word’s presence across life’s facets. Investigate where it thrives or overpowers, setting intentions for balance. Finally, integrate your insights into an artistic expression, symbolizing the essence of your word in every aspect of your being.

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Exploring the Visual Landscape: A Transpersonal Journey

Exploring the Visual Landscape: A Transpersonal Journey

In March, we deepen our connection with our chosen word through photography, tapping into its essence. Step One: Capture moments reflecting your word, creating portals to introspection. Step Two: Craft an artwork from these snapshots, letting them mirror your inner self. Step Three: Journal your insights, allowing quiet introspection to guide you. Step Four: Take action, no matter how small, to embody your word further. Celebrate this journey of intention and discovery for 2024.

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